Norco Set to Release New Mountain Bike At Sea Otter, Looks Carbon-y

Norco Set to Release New Mountain Bike At Sea Otter, Looks Carbon-y

As we draw nearer to Sea Otter, there are likely to be a lot of sneak peeks at things to come and it looks like Norco is kicking things off with this teaser on their Facebook page. Judging by the flowing shape, seat collar design, and lack of the seat tube struts found on the aluminum models, we’re guessing it may be a carbon version of their Sight or possibly the Range. Since the introduction of the Sight and Range Killer B 650b models, the bikes have been hard to track down due to how popular they have been. Obviously sales have been good enough to introduce another though we’ll have to wait to see just what wheel size it is…


Bayard - 04/05/13 - 9:05am

It looks like a 650b four cross bike. It will be called the 650 bro.

Joe P - 04/05/13 - 11:33am

Bayard I think you meant 6Fitty Bro

Alex - 04/05/13 - 12:03pm

Another lovely carbon bike not offered in a proper XL. Well at least it’ll be nice for someone.

Charlie Best - 04/05/13 - 3:19pm

I was at Norco in Toronto last year and mistook one of their aluminum trail bikes for carbon, they seem to have a talent for elegant hydro-forming. Not saying this one’s not carbon, just saying maybe wait and see.

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