FrostBike 2013: Finish Line Introduces new Chill Zone Rust buster and Max Suspension Spray

Finish Line had two new interesting products on display – one to break through rust, and one to keep suspension working like new. Chill Zone is supposed to release seized parts by freezing and contracting the metal, then penetrating to loosen the parts. I think we’ve all had that commuter, or triathlete come into the shop with some super rusted out parts that Chill Zone would come in handy for. No word if it will eat through styrofoam like PB Blaster, but is does say Low Odor formula, so that’s a plus. Max Suspension fluid is designed to decrease stiction in both forks and shocks, whether it’s brand new and just breaking in, or it’s seen its share of miles. Max Suspension Spray claims to help condition rubber gaskets and o-rings keeping things smooth. Chill Zone will go for $12.99 a bottle, while Max Suspension Spray is $9.99.


MasterBlaster - 03/04/13 - 11:13am

They already make max suspension spray, it’s called WD-40

greg - 03/04/13 - 2:40pm

…until wd40 shrinks and hardens the rubber seals on your fork to the point of worthlessness.

Bubbrubb - 03/04/13 - 4:53pm

Suspension spray sounds like a good way to bilk customers with a fix in can that doesn’t really do anything . Especially since the wiper seals on a fork are made to wipe the stanchions clean.

Bubbrubb - 03/04/13 - 4:53pm

… And if you’re spraying wd40 on your fork you probably don’t have a fork worth riding.

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