Mavic and Time Announce Technical Partnership, Will Produce Most French Pedal Ever Made

Mavic and Time Announce Technical Partnership, Most French Pedal Ever To be Made

Mavic and Time recently announced a new partnership that will bring forth an opportunity to develop and market new “automatic” road and MTB pedals that will be based on the ICLIC and ATAC technology. Seeing as how both companies are French, the pedals will be made in France. It is not clear if the pedal lines will merge, or that there will still be Mavic pedals and Time pedals sharing technology – we’re guessing the latter is more likely. With Time’s ATAC MTB system considered one of the best for years, and the ICLIC starting to gain ground, it’s not surprising that after Mavic discreetly ended its own pedal line, that they would hook up with Time to move forward in the future.

Full PR after the jump.

Haverhill, MA — February 26, 2013 — The French companies TIME and Mavic are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement for a technical collaboration to develop and market automatic road and MTB pedals made in France based on the ICLIC and ATAC technology.

“Such a strategic alliance allows the 2 brands, whilst remaining independent to share their experience and join forces to explore new technological opportunities with the objective of developing products of the highest quality,” said Roland Cattin, president of Time.

“I am convinced that this alliance will contribute to the success and development of our 2 brands. Our respective expertise will allow us to meet our consumers’ needs with the best performing and most innovative solutions,” added Bernard Millaud, president of Mavic, SAS.

These two French companies share the same values of innovation and quality to create top of the range products. Combining their respective expertise will create a considerable advantage in a highly competitive environment.

About Mavic
Mavic is an Amer Sports brand founded in 1889, based in Annecy, France with a US office based in Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Mavic is a world leader in technology and innovation in bicycle wheels, rims, components, technical apparel and footwear.  Mavic information can be reached on the World Wide Web at


Steve M - 02/28/13 - 3:52pm

Please no more Iclic. The metal spring Times are fantastic- the carbon plate stuff is terrible.

Andy - 02/28/13 - 3:56pm

Wonder what happened to the Mavic MTB pedals that never actually made it to market?

Alan - 02/28/13 - 5:42pm

Awesome headline.

Bill B - 02/28/13 - 5:50pm

Have 3 sets of iClics. From Racer to Titanium. Love them all. Cleats wear a little to quickly, but that’s being picayune.

Ernst - 02/28/13 - 7:09pm

Time RXS Ulteam Ti Carbon <3!

nam - 02/28/13 - 7:12pm

Without bashing the positive qualities of the time pedal, with this union mean two recalls per pedal model?

Josh Patterson - 02/28/13 - 7:33pm

Chapeau on the headline, Zach.

Xris - 02/28/13 - 8:28pm

Iclics will be phased out by the Xpresso pedals which use the same type of engagement, without the pulling out and body snapping problems. I got a hold of some last week and they’re quite a bit lighter and have a sleeker design than the Iclicks did.

Skyline - 02/28/13 - 8:55pm

Will it surrender a lot?

Inspector Gadget - 02/28/13 - 10:22pm

Why don’t other companies just give up making pedals? If you buy new model XT for mtb and Ultegra for the road you will have zero issues at a good price.

Tim - 02/28/13 - 10:59pm

@ Inspector- Do XT pedals work as well in mud as ATACs? (I am asking without sarcasm- just haven’t been on a Shimano pedal in ages)

Kiwi Rider - 03/01/13 - 12:46am

Please no more i-Clics, I have owned Time pedals and shoes since 1987 – they have been fantastic until the i-Clics came along.

bin judgin - 03/01/13 - 10:02am

love me some atacs

Kark - 03/01/13 - 10:50am

headline win. Gut gemacht.

Nicholas - 03/02/13 - 12:14am

I have a few pair of atac pedals that have lasted ages (10+ years) and are still going strong.

Guess this is how they expect to get us since the pedals never break.

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