Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Tommy Rodgers - 01/21/13 - 8:39am

Rhino cantis, from the 1990’s CNC-ano-fest era.

Your Face - 01/21/13 - 8:50am

Wrong, Campy scissor shifters, circa 1978

MagliaRosa - 01/21/13 - 8:54am

U-Tool aftermarket earphones for Walkman, c. 1982.

mrcykel - 01/21/13 - 10:20am

Those are, of course, brakes.

ant1 - 01/21/13 - 10:40am

campy fishing lures, c. 1962.

Buckwheatly - 01/21/13 - 11:10am

Yep Rhino Cantis!

bikebill1 - 01/21/13 - 12:32pm

Ditto rhino cantis from 90s
Remember seeing similar on marin bikes

nino - 01/21/13 - 12:33pm

A Campy Seatpost

Campy Seat post - 01/21/13 - 12:35pm

Pretty sure thats a campy seatpost.

Joe seatpost - 01/21/13 - 12:45pm

Yup, that there be a Campy seatposter.

Aluminum Seat Post - 01/21/13 - 6:20pm

That is definitely a campy seat post

mtb4life - 01/21/13 - 6:30pm

+1 on the campy seatpost.

Paul in VA - 01/21/13 - 7:50pm

How much for that Campy seatpost?

Eric - 01/21/13 - 11:05pm

Got a set of those, rhinos.

Charlie Best - 01/22/13 - 10:55am

I propose a Rupert Pupkin Award, to be presented to the next razor wit who mentions Campy seat-posts in one of these threads.

Jeff - 01/22/13 - 1:07pm

That is definitely a limited edition Campy “Ultra” Record seatpost.

NotAMachinist - 01/22/13 - 3:28pm

Campy seatpost? Ha.

It’s TWO campy seatposts!

Juan Pablo - 01/22/13 - 9:00pm

There are a pair of old brake pads sistems for old fashion mtb maybe 1995 to 1998

Kristibee - 01/22/13 - 9:58pm

As much as they really want to be a Campy seatpost, they are Rhino Brakes. Answer via Jeff at First Flight Bicycles.

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