Found: The Bikes of San Francisco Poster

As a long time off and on again resident of San Francisco, I couldn’t help but get a chuckle from this awesome poster. It’s shockingly accurate. Would love to see a series of these posters parodying the bike culture of major cities in the world.

Love it? Pick yours up here.


Mike - 01/17/13 - 6:15pm

Very amusing and accurate.

jaas - 01/17/13 - 6:49pm


Justin - 01/17/13 - 8:52pm

no mountain bike?

JimmyZ - 01/18/13 - 2:47am

so if you rock a recumbent you are banished to Stockton? I approve of this.

DB4L - 01/18/13 - 11:28am

Tenderloin sterotypes FTW.

Dayton Crites - 01/18/13 - 12:05pm

they’ll need the Mclaren Park MTB soon

Saris - 01/18/13 - 2:04pm


OMG. I was about to begin a few despondent sentences about how after years and years of tugging at my heart strings, I really felt like this park would never get built, and then I opened your link. Exciting stuff!

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