Pipedream Updates Winter Hardtails w/ Reynolds 853 Steel Tubing, Sliding Dropouts & 650B

2013 Pipedream Sirius 650B hardtail mountain bike with Reynolds 853 steel tubing

Pipedream’s Sirius hardtail mountain bike has been around unchanged for about five years. But when it came time to update it, they were hesitant to fiddle too much. Afterall, they liked it quite a bit the way it was, so the changes were cautious, but not subtle.

The original model was built with 4130 chromoly steel. Then they upgraded it to Reynolds 631. Now, for 2013, it gets a new premium Reynolds 853 steel tube set. They also added sliding dropouts capable of moving far enough back to fit 650B wheels in the normally 26″ frame. Which also lets you run it singlespeed. Other tweaks are minor and set it up for modern 2×10 drivetrains and stronger forks, but the character remains the same.

There’s also the updated all-mountain hardtail Scion, which gets a few changes to the rear end…

2013 Pipedream Scion 26-inch freeride hardtail mountain bike

Also using Reynolds 853 steel tubing, the Scion is a geared-only all-mountain style hardtail. For 2013, they gave it beefier cowled dropouts for more weldable contact area on the stays, and the seatstays were thinned a bit for a smoother ride. The changes also dropped a few grams overall.

Frame is £349, and complete bikes are available built as shown with the X-Fusion HiLo dropper post or in other configurations. New colors include a pearl midnight blue and pearl flame orange.

Check ’em out at www.pipedreamcycles.com, and peep their other recent bikes like the Skookum 853 29er and top of the line 953 steel 29er!


Rivers - 01/03/13 - 4:59pm

At first glance the green bike made me think of a Fat Chance Yo Eddy…god I loved those bikes (still want one).

Matt - 01/03/13 - 6:37pm

I have looked at a fair number of steel hardtails recently, and am wondering why most of them don’t have tapered or oversized head tubes. Maybe a cost issue?

MulletRacer - 01/03/13 - 8:18pm

Sweet! There is a soft spot in my heart for steel AM hardtail 26ers.

1 1/8 headtubes work fine. The only issue I see are fork compatibility 5 years down the road.

professore - 01/03/13 - 8:22pm

Matt, I believe Cotic offers oversized headtubes.

WV Cycling - 01/03/13 - 11:21pm

Is it me, or are the geometry specs and/or the visual shape of the geometry a bit quirky?

I went on their site and the numbers aren’t crazy, but something just looks wrong…. Just me?

Nick - 01/04/13 - 12:24am

@wv Cycling
The visual shape is wrong due to the undersized wheels

Jobe - 01/04/13 - 8:26am

The new Sirius green colour is a lovely. Just to add it also has a tapered headtube, the stock image looks like the older model.

Bum - 01/04/13 - 1:58pm

This just gave me a 650bone

brd - 01/04/13 - 3:59pm

that Scion has a triple, an under 100mm travel fork with QR 9mm dropouts – i really don’t get what’s AM about it?

g - 01/04/13 - 7:43pm

@brd – …’cause it’s got a dropper post and rapid robs, duh. Oh, and its painted black.

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