Specialized, Sam Hill Head Their Separate Ways for 2013

Via YouTube, here’s Specialized’s farewell to sponsored rider Sam Hill:

Sam Hill and Specialized are going their separate ways starting in 2013. All of us at Specialized would like to send our thanks to Sam. Thanks for the wins, time working on the bikes and equipment, and of course all the fantastic memories! Best of luck to him and his family next year and the years to come.

Not ready to separate? Get your Sam Hill wallpaper here: Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet – Take Sam with you wherever you go.


Betty Beige - 12/31/12 - 2:06pm

Don’t let the Door hit you in the A**..

mountguitars - 12/31/12 - 5:03pm

I’ll never forget Sam Hill and Iron Horse. Specialized? Who?

dale - 12/31/12 - 8:15pm

Woah jeez I thought I was gonna read he died. Doesn’t matter what brand he rides that guy rips. And he also seems like he can take or leave it which is pretty badass compared to all the boring and robotic jocks in the sport like Gwin

Sir Eddy - 12/31/12 - 11:45pm

Man that one guy ( MTB Director?) came across like a complete arrogant dick. The rest was just corny.

Al Boneta - 12/31/12 - 11:47pm

@mountguitars Where did Iron Horse end up again? Oh, that’s right Wal-Mart, Sears, etc

KJR - 01/01/13 - 1:07am

This video and the classless remarks from specialized in the Pinkbike interview make me think the the big s is just bitter about losing him, when they should be kissing his ass for single-handedly putting them back in the DH game.

lulz - 01/01/13 - 1:26am

Yeah guyz, I can’t believe they pretend to thank Sam. What a bunch of a-holes!

earlybird - 01/01/13 - 4:59am

CRC/Nukeproof it is..

mofo - 01/01/13 - 11:04am

@mountguitars – stick to XC bro.

mountguitars - 01/01/13 - 7:58pm

I have a 2009 demo 8 2. what the heck was i talking about? LOL!

Ben - 01/02/13 - 12:26am

dale – seems like not that long ago people were talking up rennie, kovarik, peat vs the “boring and robotic” sam hill. although by that they mainly meant he didn’t race with a hangover…

xcgeek.com - 01/02/13 - 4:10pm

@Ben – good insight. dh has come quite a way…

bin judgin - 01/04/13 - 12:23am

yes god forbid people treat this like a legitimate sport.

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