Found: Bicyclick Click-Stand Handlebar Gadget to Keep Your Bikes Upright

Bicyclick’s Click-Stand and Click-Base use a simple ball and socket connector stuck in the ends of any flat handlebar to keep two bikes connected and standing on their own.

If you’re riding solo, the Click-Base mounts to a wall (cubicle or fixed) and lets you pop your bike against the wall without fear of it falling over accidentally. The system weight is just 49g and supposedly installs in just a couple minutes. We’re waiting to hear back on price and availability, but if you wanna get on their list, check ’em out here.

UPDATE: Sets run $25 for the Bicyclick and $15 for the Click Base. A combo pack is $37, and multipacks and family packs are also available for a bit of a discount on the per unit price.


Matt - 11/12/12 - 11:20am

I see one huge design flat. What is stopping the linked bikes from rolling away?

gringo - 11/12/12 - 11:31am


LP - 11/12/12 - 11:55am

I am with Gringo….

Who would need this thing. i am sure it has the “As seen on TV!” Sticker on the box.

stratosrally - 11/12/12 - 12:06pm

What the heck does “A Great made” mean? (see link)

…and why no product image on their site?

satisFACTORYrider - 11/12/12 - 12:07pm

when i’m outside i just lay it down and take advantage of gravity and the earth’s surface. this needs a roadie adaptation. that crowd freaks when they get chain grease on themselves.

Chad - 11/12/12 - 12:28pm

If they leaned the bikes against the wall, they’d have more room to play ball.

Topmounter - 11/12/12 - 12:44pm


plebs - 11/12/12 - 4:24pm

Magnetic levitation pads that allow your bike to hover within easy reach.

Only suitable for steel.

jason - 11/12/12 - 4:48pm

They may want to change their name. Click Stand is an existing product.

Will - 11/12/12 - 4:59pm

man. . . alll these years i have been leaning my bike against a friend’s. . . or a tree.

Bob - 11/12/12 - 5:36pm

Bring back the flickstand.

Sancho - 11/12/12 - 5:58pm

no friends, not interested.

Mindless - 11/13/12 - 12:33am


Papa Joe - 11/13/12 - 7:56am

Looks cool. this gadget looks truly helpful.

ascar larkinyar - 11/13/12 - 12:55pm

can you ride with the bikes linked. now “that” would be kool!

Brian Luney - 11/13/12 - 11:48pm

In their facebook page found a lot of pictures .It’s not for riding together.Just standing.

Really like ClickBase .Can help me keepmy bike in the office without complains of my coworkers.

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