Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Oh Crap!

19th Annual Piney Hills Classic in Ruston, Louisiana

Photo submitted by Adam Rouillier, “On September 23, 2012, I was racing the 19th Annual Piney Hills Classic in Ruston, Louisiana. I failed to pull up and crashed. This is the last photo my wife took before she realized I was crashing.” Video of the crash after the break.

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MA - 10/09/12 - 8:11am

That’s a neat photo due to the tire folding under increased weight distribution. Bad for the crash.

LAXC - 10/09/12 - 8:39am

Geaux Adam! We’re happy to report that although he got pretty shaken up by the crash, Adam was back with us racing last weekend.

TJ - 10/09/12 - 8:55am


steve - 10/09/12 - 9:12am

Duh…and that is why you don’t run super low pressure and jump. XC fool.

Sean - 10/09/12 - 10:56am

Were you hurt? Did you finish the race?

jeei - 10/09/12 - 12:09pm

Left fork fail, why do people continue to buy such an inferior design?

Justin - 10/09/12 - 12:52pm


RUSTYDOGG - 10/09/12 - 2:26pm

Pull UP! Pull UP!

Chipollini - 10/09/12 - 3:10pm

at least you can say the lefty fork is stiff! lol

Adam12 - 10/09/12 - 5:42pm

@Sean – I was okay except for a few scraps. I also cracked the helmet. Got back on the bike and finished the race.

@jeei – I don’t know why you say the lefty failed. It worked perfectly and it is still just fine. Might have bent a regular fork in this situation.

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