Craigslist Find: Buy This Ghetto Moped. Go Faster.

The SF Bay Area craigslist post is vague on details, in fact all it states is “26cc tanaka cruises at 25 mph tops out at 35 mph.” While it’s a unique way of commuting to and from the liqueur store, I sure wouldn’t want to guinea pig this contraption.

Via Craigslist


david - 09/19/12 - 4:21am

Mmmm, Gangnam Style !!!

Caliente - 09/19/12 - 12:11pm

Oh man! THAT IS SO GHETTO!!! You know what is even MORE ghetto than that?
The places where nazi germany kept jews before shipping them to concentration camps!

Please change the title of this…

Editz - 09/19/12 - 12:40pm

Does it double as a leaf blower?

Rich S - 09/19/12 - 1:49pm

@Caliente, you should be more offended that a site called “Bike Rumor” chose to run this instead of bike news. I don’t know if you guys are aware, but this little show called interbike is going on.

Pancakes - 09/19/12 - 1:50pm


Calm down, words evolve, and ghettos existed before (and after) WWII.

RUSTYDOGG - 09/19/12 - 3:33pm

Oh man that is beyond ghetto. Tweaker madness. All jokes aside that man looks to have a glandular problem of some sort so this is actually a two wheeled huv-around. Reminds me to bust out my old Big-Foot scooter that I dumped a stupid amount of money into 10 years ago. Good times.

slow joe crow - 09/19/12 - 8:32pm

It seems to be a crude re-imagining of the Wall Auto-Wheel

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