Bikerumor Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic from jeff archer at first flight bicycles

Photo from the collection of Jeff Archer of First Flight Bicycles. If you think you know what this is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section– the correct answer will be posted there on Tuesday!

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Kris Hicks-Green - 08/27/12 - 7:08am

It’s a mud boot for a Suntour XC brake mounted beneath the chainstays.

Gillis - 08/27/12 - 9:16am

A toe cover for toe-clips

Ben - 08/27/12 - 9:54am

Cordura beanbag warmer

jeff - 08/27/12 - 9:54am

Hite-Rite cover?

King County - 08/27/12 - 9:55am

Brake cover

martin - 08/27/12 - 10:17am

it’s a little sock,that you put on the rear canti break for keep it clean on mud and on winter

Jon Swain - 08/27/12 - 10:28am

A bike shoe toe cover

Guy - 08/27/12 - 10:33am

I had one of those on my 1988’is Specialized Stumpjumper with brake on the chain stay. Just where the mud liked it best.

Dan - 08/27/12 - 12:31pm

It is a mud cover for a Rollercam brakeset.

Oneworldonespeed - 08/27/12 - 7:01pm

Cantilever brake cover

Joby - 08/27/12 - 7:44pm

It is a cover for Roller Cam brakes, had to keep the mud out to keep the cam in.

Michael in Fall City - 08/27/12 - 9:01pm

Debris cover for Cunningham/WTB rollercam brake that was then licensed to Suntour. These preceeded the Shimano U-Brake which were easier to adjust and far less prone to fouling.

Kristibee - 08/28/12 - 7:53am

Answer from Jeff at First Flight Bicycles: “Overland mud cover for Suntour XC roller cam brakes.”

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