Amphibious Xtracycle: The Only Bike You’ll Ever Need, In the event of an Apocalypse

The Amphibious Xtracycle was created by adding pontoons to a long-tail Xtracycle electric cargo bike.  The pontoon frames were fashioned from conduit and pivot up/down on four BMX stems. The front float is an inner tube. A trolling motor is mounted on the back of the bike that utilizes the same batteries as the bike’s motor.

Top Speed: 20 mph land, 4mph water.
Claimed Weights: bike 40 lbs, motor and battery 40 lbs, aquatic parts 40 lbs. Total 120 lbs.

Special thanks to Sina for the tip!


The Goats - 08/20/12 - 6:48pm

LOVE IT! – We had some similar ideas recently for this same project (beaten to it! – Good Job). Might still have to do one as there is one more step needed. – Cycle power with paddle attachment on rear wheel – No additional motor required.

Still have one another secret project for the Xtracycle in the works. :)


The Goats

Mindless - 08/20/12 - 6:57pm

Surly. Always a Surly.

Ripnshread - 08/21/12 - 1:11pm

That is some nasty low water.

Justin - 08/21/12 - 4:29pm

Whatever floats your boat, as they say.

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