Fyxation Adds 31.8 Rodeo Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebars, Makes Fixies Even Stiffer

Fyxation 318 Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn handlebars

Fyxation has heard the noise and brought forth a 31.8mm oversized clamp section for their Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn handlebar.

Design is the same as the 25.4mm original, which is still available. They’ll come in 40 and 42 cm widths, with 40mm drop and 160mm reach. They are made of double butted 6061 T6 alloy and come in at 235g. Retail is just $44 and it’ll come in black only. More pics below…

Fyxation 318 Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn handlebars

Fyxation 318 Rodeo Pursuit bullhorn handlebars


Caliente - 08/16/12 - 6:54pm

These will look great with my new tattoos!

CJ - 08/16/12 - 7:19pm

More poseur gear for the fixie idiocracy.

IDIOTS - 08/16/12 - 7:38pm

bikes are bikes. only dentists and jackass DH kids don’t support this stuff.

Ripchord - 08/16/12 - 7:40pm


vectorbug - 08/16/12 - 7:44pm

rabble rabble rabble

IJBCape - 08/16/12 - 8:03pm

Who cares if anyone on a bike is a dentist or a tattoo lover? This is about bike parts, not tiger beat. THese type of comments I guarantee come from 20 somethings who are insecure and never get laid.

John - 08/16/12 - 9:08pm

Everyone knows 25.4 beats 31.8 in stiffness:

Bandwagon Hipster - 08/16/12 - 9:58pm

Hopefully I can trade them in to get rollerblades when my fixie isn’t cool anymore.

shop mechanic - 08/16/12 - 10:30pm

Fixie riders remind me of Harley Davidson riders: It’s more about fashion than performance. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Sometimes I think it’s kind of gay, but I can still appreciate a cool fixie or Harley when I see one.

Mike A. - 08/16/12 - 11:46pm

I don’t know what the first two posters are talking about.
You don’t need to be into tattoos or fixies to know that nice stiff bullhorns are a great bar option.
Honestly I’m surprised there are so few 31.8 bullhorn options.

The Dude - 08/17/12 - 2:08am

@Mike A – I’d be willing to be that there are zero 31.8 bullhorn options.

The Dude - 08/17/12 - 2:09am

Argh! Can’t edit…

Also John - 08/17/12 - 9:31am

Then is everyone on 31.8 as result of a ploy by marketers in order to boost new sales. Or do you think it an honest mistake?

Tartosuc - 08/17/12 - 10:40am

Need wider than that!

fred - 08/17/12 - 11:14am

31.8? How progressive. Can someone ring up the PM there and let them know that 35 is where its at? Don’t do it now though… its unlikely that the guy is awake before noon.

Kirk - 08/17/12 - 2:37pm

Don’t forget the reason you began riding a bike. I think I speak for most people when I say it was/is for fun.

How about supporting the fact that people cycle and have fun doing it instead of making ignorant comments? People like you are what drive people away from the joy of cycling.

And for those who like to make jokes, Kyle (pictured above) works at a local bike shop that primarily deals with road bikes, he has been riding/racing road bikes for quite a few years now.

PedalPusher - 08/17/12 - 3:54pm

Sick bullhorns!!! Not only can u not find them in 31.8, u won’t find ’em cheaper either. I have the same bars but in 25.4 and they are so comfortable. These are definitely a performance upgrade for road bikes or fixies. Wait, what am I saying? Only for us fixies. Leave all the glamour, gears, spandex, and broken bank accounts to you gear heads. One gear to rule them ALL!!

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