Bike Line’s New Twist Clic Applicator Tips Lube Your Chain J-u-u-ust Right

Motorex’s Bike Line is introducing new Twist Clic caps on all 100ml bottles, making lube jobs quicker and easier.

The metered application caps let you dial open (or closed) the hole to control flow rate. Where some folks were sticking WD-40 tubes into the openings to give it a more precise drip point and rate, the new caps simplify the process and are likely to keep your floor cleaner.

Initially, the new cap will be on Wet Lube, Dry Lube, Chain Lube and Hydraulic Fluid 75 products and should hit retail soon. Shops can expect them to ship in 12-packs of 100ml bottles.

Drip past the break for product photos…



ChrisC - 08/07/12 - 9:24pm

I like how the Wet Lube and Dry Lube are “for chains” but the Chain Lube is “all purpose”…

bc - 08/08/12 - 8:42am

This is welcome, because Motorex lubes are excellent, but currently ship in the worst applicator known to man.

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