Porsche 911 Inspired Bike Concept by Designer Bastiaan Kok

Here’s a concept that looks interesting – a Porsche 911 bicycle by Dutch industrial designer Bastiaan Kok. It’s very motorcyclish for a bicycle. But then again, that’s to be expected when replicating the design of a Porsche 911.

It’s not electric. Pure leg power spins it. Bastiaan Kok has the frame and fork listed as single-piece aluminum alloy. That would make the bike unfortunately heavy. If actually built, by my guess-timation, carbon would replace the aluminum to cut down weight.

A headlight, tail light, and classic Porsche badge are integral to the frame. It rolls on Schwalbe Big Apple fat tires mounted to 5-bladed carbon wheels laced to some big ol’ disc brakes. The brake levers didn’t make it to this drawing, but they’re shown on alternate designs after the break. Pretty on the outside, most of the action seems to happen inside the frame where the bars and chain drive are mounted.

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Porsche 911 bicycle concept Bastiaan Kok Sketch

Porsche 911 bicycle concept Bastiaan Kok Alloy Top Tube

Bastiaan Kok describes the bike:

“Bicycle concept inspired by the classic lines of the famous Porsche 911. From the integrated headlight, through the slightly curved top tube, to the impressive rear wheel fender ending in the tail light. It all, undeniable, breathes the sporty and powerful impression of the Porsche 911 bodywork. The single piece alloy bodywork and front fork are manufactured using investment casting with a master produced by rapid prototyping. The benefits are a complicated shape (single piece) with excellent surface finish and integrated ultra thin ribs and all necessary bearing shells.”

Porsche 911 bicycle concept Bastiaan Kok Red Porsche 911 bicycle concept Bastiaan Kok Red Wheelset

This is just one of the bike-related designs in his portfolio. Published to Kok’s website are awesome concepts for bike helmets, safety lights, mudguards and more.


Von Kruiser - 06/26/12 - 5:52pm

is that a gas cover on the TT? Freaky deaky Dutch.

topmounter - 06/26/12 - 5:58pm

That’s the dumbest looking thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

Tom - 06/26/12 - 8:32pm

Another concept bike that will never see the light of day (thankfully). How does this stuff make it on here? Agree with topmounter, the proportions aren’t even right, especially with flat bars. You’d have to cut off my forearms and surgically attach my hands to my elbows to stretch out on that :)

Mcr - 06/26/12 - 9:22pm

All aero until they bought a $5 seatpost…. Common guys… A concept bike with a regular seatpost?!?

Tom Petrie - 06/26/12 - 10:05pm

What a disappointingly uninspired concept! Hard to believe Bastiaan has ever ridden a bike. What a mess!

Xris - 06/26/12 - 10:20pm

Where’s a big FAIL stamp when you need one?

Keir Whitcher - 06/27/12 - 3:47am

Seriously, is someone paying this guy to sit at a desk and draw s..t like this?

Sark - 06/27/12 - 4:09am

Frakking Ulgy thang!

A disgrace for bicycles in general and a disgrace for Porsche cars

Back to the drawingboard! and Next time stick to shampoo bottles or coffee makers!

pmurf - 06/27/12 - 11:06am

hey, at least it doesn’t have hubless wheels. could be worse.

Spock - 06/27/12 - 4:54pm

He should be forced to ride 100km on that bike.

fatguyonalittle - 06/27/12 - 9:51pm

you guys are lame… most of you couldn’t even draw a “stick man bike” let alone anything original… its a concept bike… appreciate it for what it is or go back to staring at that sh*tty hipster fixie you built while masturbating to cyclerotica drinking your triple hopped west indies cold filtered IPA b*llshit beer wrapped in an ironic kozy… lame.

Chase - 06/28/12 - 1:24am

Dang you guys are harsh. At least someone is out there trying to design something different besides “uninspired” grey titanium bikes and 29er hardtails.

Dave Haygarth - 06/28/12 - 7:28am

Knees on bars. Duh.

Sark - 06/28/12 - 10:52am

Rather draw a stickman than a polished turd. (which this concept obviously is).

Guy - 06/29/12 - 3:19am

Good choice of tires at least..

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