Found: Knog Blinder Bike Lights – They’ll Shine Fab on Whatever You Strap Them To

Knog Blinder USB Headlight

As much as I enjoy bringing out the 500 lumen hand cannons, lights of that caliber can be super intense in city environments. Knog Blinders, however, look to be a perfect city light. It helps also that they don’t eat batteries and look cool as a cucumber. A 3 hour run time on the beam backed with 50 hours eco-flash front, 30 hours rear flash seems adequate for any late-night city voyage. Front lights shine 80 Lumens full-power while 44 Lumens emit from the rear. Aside from the standard shine, four other settings are included – Fast Flash, Organic Flash 1, Organic Flash 2, and Eco-flash.

Each of the 5 distinct Knog Blinders are powered with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, with a built in USB charger (pictured above). Totally waterproof, with an anodized aluminum face, a silicon strap will fit the light to any front bar or rear post ranging between 22-35mm. Retail is $45 per light. Check out all 5 Knog Blinders here.

Click ‘more’ to view the light hidden in the picture…

Knog Blinder Front View


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