Thank God This Guy Has a Wheel Sponsor – Morning Ride with Luca Damiani

Sent to us by the folks over at Mercury Cycles. They make wheels.


Dan - 05/14/12 - 8:52pm

Too Bad he didn’t use the money he saved having a wheel sponsor to buy a HD camera.

napptym - 05/14/12 - 9:30pm

New flavor from 5 Hour Energy and Bonk Breaker Bar, Mad Skillz

MissedThePoint - 05/15/12 - 1:54am

The one from fairwheel bikes was far better.

zombieweekly - 05/15/12 - 7:35am

wow, he performs what I can only dream of so easily…

Hungry4Shht - 05/15/12 - 1:13pm

Did they shoot this with VHS?

Gillis - 05/15/12 - 1:16pm

@Dan: agreed. Apparently GoPro ISN’T a sponsor.

mahball - 05/15/12 - 10:35pm

everything is good except for those shoes…i know fitting is important..but man those Northwave shoes are FUGLY!!!

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