Video: Human-Free Bike Build

Via IMBAonFB and Binarybike.


zach-2 - 04/04/12 - 11:19am

This video restores my hope in humanity

Mountainbike verkopen - 04/04/12 - 1:50pm

Nicely done, the second part with the person riding might be a bit to much though..

Operandi - 04/05/12 - 2:07am

Pretty nice, I think the 2nd half is what really made the video, awesome sense of humor. Idk about the dubstep though.

Bob Lobla - 04/05/12 - 9:35am

Actually that isn’t dubstep…it’s post-dubstep with elements of breakstep and grime. But that’s cool….no big deal.

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