NAHBS 2012 – Bicycle Fabrication

Bicycle Fabrications unleashed their first product run of the mean looking, low slung monster they call the Pocket Rocket at NAHBS last weekend. Nestled amongst the the custom track, cargo, and tandem bikes, Hank Mathesons beasts quietly lurked.

In addition to the Pocket Rocket, two other prototype DH rigs were in attendance at the booth, the Candyman 2 and engineer John Heims personal 7 up.

Two different Pocket Rockets were on display, a single speed and geared version, both running trick dropouts made by the San Francisco bay area shop Paragon Machine Works.

The frames are available in two different sizes, a short and a long, both sizes have short chainstays and tight top tubes for nimble handling. The frames, constructed of 4130 chromoly (with shock) weigh less than my aluminum Transition Double. MSRP will be aprx $1650 for a frame.

Since Bicycle Fabrications is in the process of patenting their new suspension platform, they kept their DH bikes neatly wrapped in innertubes, and told more than one eager onlooker that recycled innertube elastomers were an integral part of the suspension. Despite my prodding, Hank wouldn’t provide me with any further clues than those he divulged earlier, about how the frame incorporates two mechanical interfaces to allow the axle to move vertically, and horizontally, independently of each other.

Beautiful Pinup shots via DirtRag


Gillis - 03/08/12 - 12:14pm

Welcome to 1996…a URT, really?

John - 03/08/12 - 1:04pm

Yep, really. It’s a slopestyle bike so I get the reasoning. Setup sans derailleur and not have any funky around the BB pivots. The low forward position will keep things stable in a sprint but will allow it to blow through the travel on a big hit. This isn’t your Szazbo/Y Bike/Mantra.

I get it, not my cuppa tea, but I get it.

Zap? - 03/08/12 - 4:34pm

So is the black and red bike a URT, or Unified Rear Triangle bike?

scShredder - 03/08/12 - 7:17pm

Zap, to answer your question, yes it is.

URT = less moving parts (& maintenance), no chain growth, and super short chainstays (responsive). This is not designed to be a super efficient XC ride, its a short travel ‘throw it at anything’ rig. Yeah it probably has a little brake jack and suspension bob (with the propedal open) like any single pivot design, but that doesn’t matter when you are fully pinned. I laid my fingers on it last weekend at NAHBS and damn its sexy..

Sevo - 03/09/12 - 1:41am

Nice to see Magura forks getting some show time :)

URT’s were ruined by Trek and Schwinn who by utilizing their large reach and poor execution of the principle of the design killed it forever…until now. Kudos for Bicycle Fab for going there. Love to rid one.

Zap? - 03/09/12 - 11:06am


I wasn’t questioning the design merit of the URT. I really liked them when they first came out and thought they had a lot of potential. I just hadn’t seen one in years and was surprised to see one being built. I found a Trek OCLV Y bike at a pawn shop a few years ago in basically mint condition. I messed around with it a bit, but they were asking way too much money for it, and it didn’t ride as well as my Trek Fuel 100.

Now it’s come full circle and my ’03 Fuel 100 doesn’t ride as well as the ’11 Fuel. Argh!

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