Just In: Endura’s tiny Pakajak showerproof jacket

Beware! Trail Ninjas!

In order to help us prepare for a the cloudbursts that are a standard feature of high altitude summer adventures, the good folks at Endura have just sent out their new Pakajak showerproof jacket.  Built of a lightweight showerproof ripstop fabric and featuring dual fastener-free storm flaps on the main zip (to make the zipper easier to access while riding), the Pakajak’s coolest feature is… after the jump!

A very large helmet or a very small jacket?

Yup, the Pakajak packs down into a tiny stuff sack.  Every time I see it, I’m amazed that a jacket comes out of that little bag.  Sure, it’s only a “showerproof,” but I have the suspicion that what counts as showerproof in Endura‘s native Scotland could outlast a year’s worth of rain here in New Mexico.

In all seriousness, the Endura seems to be a very well thought-out jacket.  The small size means that there’s no reason not to have it in your commuter or mountain bike pack at all times or your jersey pocket if things are looking gloomy.  Splitting the difference between a windbreaker and a waterproof, the Pakajak is already seeing windbreaking service on cool morning and should get plenty of use this summer.  Stay tuned for a long-term review…

all photos courtesy Kip Malone, Photographer.

Seriously. The fit is very good.

Long tail provides more than enough coverage for make-believe horseback riding.


miles - 03/07/12 - 12:48pm

Any word on availability? looks pretty trick for a rain jacket.

ajbosch - 03/07/12 - 1:54pm

It looks great. It NEVER rains here, but may be just what i need for the PanOhioHopeRide in July.

Morgan - 03/07/12 - 6:29pm

Should be available at your local Endura dealer! http://www.endurasport.com

Brady - 03/08/12 - 11:36am

…and it comes in colors!

Shane - 07/14/12 - 6:36am

Hi, just to mention that although the Pak Jak looks like a nice handy shower jacket, in practice I’ve found it to have very little shower-proofness at all. My daily commute is just twenty minutes, yet with only a drizzle it”s pretty much soaked through. With the first touch of rain, the arms are already wet, cool and clingy. Disappointing even ignoring the price.


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