2012 Novara Gotham – Combines Gates Belt Drive with NuVinci Gear Hub

2012 Novara Gotham Bike Front View

The Novara Gotham is said to be the first urban bicycle to pair the NuVinci’s N360 Hub with a Gates Centertrack belt drive. We have coverage and explanation of both of these, the N360 hub here and the Gates Centertrack belt drive here. The significance of this pairing is that the Gotham will (hopefully) require much less maintenance than a similar bike with traditional gearing. Features like this are great for riders that don’t want to fiddle with the bike often. Just hop on it and go. Along with less maintenance, the bike is cleaner. With no oily chain, there are no greasy pant legs.

Also incorporated are mechanical disc brakes, a dynamo headlight, a rear battery tail light that is motion sensitive/photo-receptive, and polished alloy fenders. Chain tension is adjusted with an eccentric bottom bracket. Overall weight is approximately 39lb according to the REI website. Pricing is $1299. They are carried by REI at choice locations and available for purchase online.

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2012 Novara Gotham Bike Side View

Novara Gotham Bike Rear View





harro - 03/01/12 - 12:00pm

got damn, 39 lbs. When will be start seeing gates drive with the new alfine 11 Di2?

Jake - 03/01/12 - 1:59pm

Roughly 15% of the total weight of that bike is the Nuvinci hub. Ouch.

Master G - 03/01/12 - 2:50pm

you are looking at it from a bike racer/performance-oriented perspective. This is a a commuting bike. The hub is heavy but the benefits for a commuter may very well outweigh the added weight

Vodalous - 03/01/12 - 5:21pm

Funny, just last week it felt like Collin was complaining how heavy his 29 lb commuter was…

Chip - 03/02/12 - 9:57am

I think the bike looks great and would be useful but I agree, 39#s is too heavy for where I live.

a - 03/02/12 - 12:36pm

I recently bought one, and I really like it for its low-maintenance, wet-weather, and built-like-a-tank qualities, but it wouldn’t work for anyone who needs to carry it up and down stairs (too heavy), or needs to climb serious hills (not low enough gears).

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