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Project 24.2 First Look: Specialized’s 2012 Fast Trak Control 2Bliss tires

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Going fast is all about trust.  Trusting that your stem is tight, your frame and wheels won’t explode, and that your tires will hold the ground until breaking loose in a predictable, manageable fashion.  A trail rider by nature, I often have a hard time trusting many fast and race-oriented tires.  Sure, they’re light and roll fast, but when it comes time to carry that speed into a corner things can get a bit dicey.

The second of their tires to take advantage of Finite Element Analysis during development, Specialized’s new 2012 Fast Trak is claimed to offer better grip and lower rolling resistance than its predecessor.  After a month of riding the new tire, has it earned my trust?  Hit the jump to find out.