Pure Fix Adds New Fixie Bike Colors, Component Choices

Pure Fix Cycles, an online direct sales purveyor of fixed gear bikes and only fixed gear bikes, has added several new colors and broadened their component offerings to include bits from Neco, Radius, Kenda, KMC, Lasco, Oury and Zoom. You can choose your frame color, wheel color, handlebar style, grip color and a few other options. Complete bikes are $325, with some options adding a bit more to the price.


joe - 12/16/11 - 4:32pm

this video is so stupid. i would be embarrassed to be one of those dudes.
first: wear a fu*king helmet you idiot!
second: i’ m sick of fix freestyle idiots, everyone can do that on a fixed gear. just because the trick is in slow motion doesn’t mean that its interesting.
third: this company sucks, colors don’t matter MAKE A DECENT BIKE FRAME FIRST pure fix.

Vodalous - 12/16/11 - 5:26pm

Joe +1.

I can’t think of anything that looks stupider than “bunnyhopping” a fixie down some stairs than “bunnyhopping” a fixie down some stairs in slow motion. That said. I have seen some phenomenal free style fixie videos in the past.

John Willis - 12/16/11 - 8:57pm

Seriously guys. F*ck this f*g shit.

Bruce - 12/16/11 - 10:57pm

This video is crazy. I just picked up a pure fix and the ride is smooth. No clue what these guys are talking about. Awesome company – affordable transportation for students like me. Haters will hate but pure fix is the way!

marco - 12/17/11 - 5:34am

this video is dope! I want a badass fixie like the orange one and my friend has a pure fix fixie and i’m getting one for christmas. good work guys – hot video hot bikes

Chuck D - 02/06/12 - 10:40pm

Haters gone hate, bikes look great and get the job done. Vid is amazing!

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