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Project 1.1: DT Swiss 350 x Stan’s Crest wheelset

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Besides a frame that was just too small, the real driver for this fall’s single speed build project was the theft from my workshop of my single speed wheels.  Having the chance to start from scratch, I decided to try DT Swiss’ 350 hubset with Stan’s Notubes Crest 29er rims.  A tubeless convert, Stan’s rims were a given:  the 21mm inside/24mm outside, ready tubeless-izing, and 380g claimed weight seemed hard to beat.  Hubs were a bit harder.  I wanted a proven freehub design without too much weight- or cost.  A cassette hub with the ability to run gears if needed/desired was also a criteria.  Eventually, I remembered Tyler’s piece from Interbike a couple of years back:

For the more budget conscious, DT [Swiss]’s all-new 350 family of hubs comes with all the same internals as 240 line, but has a beefier Taiwan made hubshell versus the machined out Swiss made 240’s. So you get a lower cost hub with the same high quality internals as their premium hubs.

Sold.  Hit the jump for weights, prices, and riding impressions…