2012 Raleigh Road Bikes – New Racing, Endurance and Women’s Carbon Fiber Models

2012 Raleigh Militus carbon fiber road bike with racing geometry

In addition to all the new cyclocross and 29er mountain bikes Raleigh has coming for 2012, they’ve got a brand new assortment of full carbon fiber road bikes.

The racier Militus, above, uses their Direct Connect Evolution frame where the head- and downtubes are molded as one piece and the chainstay/bb are molded as one piece. The rest of the carbon tubes are custom “drawn” according to size of bike then cut and mitered to the frame.  Raleigh’s marketing guy Brian says “this allows us to custom tune each ride to ensure the ride qualites are the same from the smallest to the largest frame we make.”

For riders wanting a little more upright, endurance oriented experience, there’s the Revenio and women’s Capri. Click through to see it all…

2012 Raleigh Militus carbon fiber road bike with racing geometry

The Militus frame has internal cable routing, carbon dropouts, carbon headset races and full carbon fork.

2012 Raleigh Militus carbon fiber road bike with racing geometry

Frame weighs in at 880g (claimed) for those counting. Complete bike is:

2012 Raleigh Militus carbon fiber road bike with racing geometry

14lbs 12oz with SRAM Red and an FSA carbon cockpit (alloy stem) and Mavic wheels and tires.

2012 Raleigh Militus carbon fiber road bike with racing geometry

The one-piece BB/chainstay assembly is pretty stout in person, and the chainstays have a nice outward curve that looks pretty good. And stiff. The Militus ranges from $2,500 to $6,500.

2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

The Revenio uses Raleigh’s base Direct Connect carbon frameset and gets a taller headtube and slightly revised geometry to make it more of an endurance bike. Compared to the Militus, think Specialized Tarmac versus Roubaix. Yep, Brian, we just compared your bikes to Specialized.

2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike 2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

The constructionimilar process as what are used on the Militus but every tube is cut/mitered/carbon welded together. Carbon welding? Here’s the deal: tubes are bonded together, then wrapped with additional layers of carbon to create a strong, smooth joint that appears seamless. The whole thing is then heated until the resin from the wrapping bonds with the tubes.

2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

Both the Revenio and Capri get a full carbon fork on all models.  Internal cable routing. The Revenio frame comes in at claimed 980g. Complete bike is:

2012 Raleigh Revenio carbon fiber endurance road bike

17lbs 8oz with Ultegra drivetrain, 105 brakes and housebrand Avenir cockpit parts. Prices for the carbon Revenio and Capri range from $2,000 to just $3,000. There are alloy versions of both bikes, too, ranging from $710 to $1,650.

2012 Raleigh Capri womens carbon fiber endurance road bike

The women’s Capri gets basically the Revenio frame but with parts selection more geared toward the female form, including shorter cranks, narrower handlebars, etc.


Chip - 08/19/11 - 10:28am

I like seeing that Raleigh putting out such an interesting array of bicycles these days.

Ronald - 08/19/11 - 11:59am

I love the Militis 1. RED and Mavic Ksyrium SLR wheels…can’t go wrong there.

I’m so happy to see Raleigh push this hard.

speedy - 08/19/11 - 12:16pm

The comparison to Specialized one should make: Using 37 logos all over the bike. We get it, you made a nice bike. You know what would make it look ever better? Less logos! They put “Raleigh” 3 times just on the down tube!

Mick - 08/20/11 - 11:09am

@speedy…relax dude…unclench those balls…it looks like it has only a 1/3rd of what you claim…and I’d say it is rather understated compared to many other brands. (looks like no more, nor less than what the industry average is) You remind me of a person who walks through a house and refuses to buy it because of the color on the dining room walls.

speedy - 08/20/11 - 12:21pm

@Mick, I under stand that in the house, I can simply paint it. With a bike that is a bit harder, and usually not worth the time, effort and cost. Also, the 37 was an exaggeration, but I’m guessing you got that already.

My biggest issue with this is that it IS an industry trend. More and more manufacturers are designing very nice, very high end bikes, then for some reason, decorating them with their logo (usually just the company name). And they usually don’t do it in a very good way either. Once or twice on the head tube, two or three times on the down tube, once on each seat stay and chain stay, one or two on the top tube, and a couple more on the seat tube just to round it out.

I wish that the bike companies would spend a little more time in the paint department and give us something that really is different and jaw dropping.

jiminy cricket - 09/09/11 - 5:56pm

I got to ride this bike (Revenio Carbon 3.0), maybe that exact one because it isn’t really out yet and it is good stuff. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it then after a little warm up and reconfiguration of the hood position the bike really started to feel great. Smooth enough ride and stiff enough too. It’s fairly light considering it has DP18 wheels and all the alloy house brand stem/post/bar goodies. I love Raleigh’s textured bar tape too. I really am not that much of an Ultegra fan so the Militis group would be better to me but for this frame style I guess the Shimano group makes sense.

ryan - 09/23/11 - 9:10pm

I’d rather have Raleigh painted on my bike a thousand times than Specialized.

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