Boston Bruins Cycling Kit From VOmax Techwear

As I ride down the streets of Somerville, Massachusetts wearing my VOmax Techwear Bruins kit, large men in trucks yell: “You [expletive starting with an F and ending with a G] biking [pejorative term describing sexual orientation]…that is [the former expletive again] AWESOME!” They literally don’t know whether to head butt me and then kick me when I’m down or hug me and then buy me a beer. Whether I’m riding down the bike path between Lexington and Somerville or ripping through the woods, people of all ages yell “BROONS!” at me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that wearing a VOmax Bruins kit is pretty sweet.

More photos after the break.

Even non-Bruins fans have to admit that these things are bad ass.

The pink gloves and helmet cause large men in trucks even further consternation. Ultimately the inherent awesomeness of the Bruins kit wins out.

It doesn’t just look good either, I’ve been testing this kit out for a while now, and it is as comfortable as anything. The club cut jersey was particularly nice for accommodating my Jan Ullrich-like ballooning this past winter. And, while I’m used to wearing bibs, the shorts were great for winter riding for…reasons we won’t go into.

Uh…how did that get in there? This is a photo of me marking the area between my massive socks and my Bruins shorts for the purposes of selective leg shaving. You guys weren’t supposed to see this.

Dyude, there’s nothin’ like drinkin’ a laahge iced from Dunkins right after a haahd ride in your VOmax Bruins kit kid!



ELG - 06/07/11 - 4:02pm

these have been out for a while, Ive had a capitals jersey for a few months.
although, unlike the bruins jersey, I cant wear mine anymore :p

they are made by primal and the material and cut is the same. which IMO is a very good thing.

Maple - 06/08/11 - 12:57am

But the Canucks are going to win the Cup….

Jeremy - 06/08/11 - 9:13am

ELG- We’re glad to hear you like your Capitals jersey. We actually produce all of our jerseys in house right here in Northampton, Massachusetts using our own textiles. Go Bs!

Jeremy Durrin
Marketing and E-Commerce
VOmax Techwear
(413) 584-0065

Bob - 06/08/11 - 11:42am

Is that Kimbo on a Fisher Sawer? Sweet jersey!

ELG - 06/08/11 - 6:06pm

Well I stand mistaken. The cut and feel of the fabric appeared to be identical to the primal jerseys I have.

Either way, real nice jerseys.

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