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Project 24 Review: 2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 frame

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As far as the pieces that make up a bicycle, nothing defines the ride like the frame. That’s especially true of full suspension frames. In a time where even the most mainstream of bicycle brands sells (or at least makes available) $3,000 carbon fiber frames, it’s easy to forget that it’s possible to find frames that are hand built in the USA for about 2/3 of that price.

Because its design has been around for nearly twenty years (and the model itself fifteen), people tend to overlook Ellsworth’s Truth. While other companies have gone through 3 and 4 major suspension designs in the same time, Tony Ellsworth has been applying- and tweaking- his patented Instant Center Tracking suspension design to the Truth since day one. A true four-bar design, ICT is designed such that the rear wheel’s Instant Center (or virtual pivot) is always located somewhere along the chain’s torque line. This means that, as chain torque is always acting perpendicular to the wheel’s arc, that torque is unable to cause suspension movement. Also, because the design is a true four bar, the rear brake does not effect the suspension either. At the end of the day, ICT leaves only the rider to cause unwanted suspension movement and doesn’t require excessive compression or platform damping to prevent it- allowing for truly active suspension. This is all well and good in theory- read on to see lots of pretty pictures and find out how the Truth performed as part of our Project 24 race bike…