Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Nothin’s Gonna Keep Me Inside

Photo submitted by Russell Jobs, “Some folks ride their trainers in the winter. We ain’t those
type of folks.”

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Carlito - 02/15/11 - 11:11am

That trail looks fun! Where’s your helmet though?!?!

Catherine - 02/15/11 - 12:28pm

Where was this photo taken?
And what are the tires? Studded or no?
And dude, seriously, no helmet?! How ya doin’ with those cognitive skills after the drain bamage?

CM - 02/15/11 - 12:31pm

Where and when was this photo taken?

TmonT - 02/15/11 - 1:57pm

the discerning eye will notice that is a golden notre dame football helmet ( replica ).

Russell - 02/18/11 - 3:15pm

Peninsula State Park, WI

Eric - 02/21/11 - 9:34pm

Pros don’t crash. No need for a helmet.

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