Pure Fix Cycles: $299 Worth of Fixed Gear

Maybe you are interested in the whole fixed gear scene but are hesitant to put down a bunch of cash, or possibly just looking for a bike to ride around town but you are on a tight budget, whatever your reason, Pure Fix may have what you are looking for.

With 5 complete fixed gear bikes for the low price of $299, Pure Fix offers a product similar to Republic, only without the option for customization, oh, and sizing. You can get any sized Pure Fix bike you want, as long as it is a 56cm. Pure Fix frames will be made from Hi-Tensile steel, and carry a 1 year warranty.

Pure Fix’s 5 bikes, the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo, are all identical, save for the color scheme. According to Pure Fix, “All bicycles ship with (easily removable) front and rear brakes. Our bikes come 85% assembled in a clearly labeled brown box and should, in most cases, arrive in 5-7 business days.”


Neal - 02/03/11 - 12:36pm

Oh, yeah, and its a 40 lb single speed.

Pete Ritz - 02/03/11 - 12:39pm

Great looking bike. Thanks for for posting this article. I’m about to swoop one up. This will be mine. Oh yes, this bike will be mine.

frank - 02/03/11 - 6:41pm

That makes about as much sense as selling shoes in just one size.

Ian Lazar - 02/05/11 - 8:26pm

40lb? The bikes weigh 23 lb.

Corey - 01/09/13 - 7:23pm

Great bike!!! I got the Juliet black on black. Contrary to the first post there is a 61cm frame which I have. I’m around 6’2″ so the frame is a great to stretch out on. The only I will be changing are the pestles. I don’t plan on lacking this a true fixed bike so I won’t be using clamp on for my shoes. This being said, the peddles are abit to slick for my taste. I will also change out the chain ring to a 43. It’s running a 44/16 setup now however I would just a little bit more torque for getting of the line. In regards to weight initially the bike felt a bit on the heavy side but of course the frame is steel. Riding this is a dream. The bike feels planted at all times I stilling a sense of confidence that I never had while riding my trek 7500 series. All in all it’s the bike I’ve always wanted. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Jeff - 07/02/13 - 2:46am

You can get their bikes from kids sizes up to someone over 6 feet tall

Ryan. - 07/31/13 - 9:15am

Love this bike :)

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