Avid Now Offering Professional Level Bleed Kit for All Avid/Sram Brakes

Marking the first major change to their bleed kit design for as long as I can remember, Avid’s new professional level bleed kit should make bleeding Juicys, Elixirs, and Codes just a little easier. In addition to ease of use, the new kit should be more durable as well with knurled steel fittings on the hose which rotate so that you no longer have to spin the whole syringe!

In addition to the beefed up fittings, the syringe also receives a complete overhaul with a must more durable and higher volume syringe body with replaceable seals and a new ergonomic plunger handle. All of this, and it includes the bleed blocks for all Avid/Sram brakes so that you can remove the pads while bleeding, so that any spills won’t ruin the pads.

The new professional kit will have an MSRP of $65.49, but when compared with the nearly $48 retail of the old/consumer bleed kit, it looks like quite a bargain. Not everyone will need the new pro level kit, but if you bleed your brakes on a regular basis, and like the right tool for the job, this is it.


ShopMechanic - 12/10/10 - 10:46pm

On the one hand I’m glad that there is a better kit out to make my job easier. On the other hand I just wish they would make a brake that can be bled in one step like the old Shimanos and Hayes. More consistent quality would also be welcomed as so many of their brakes feel different from one run to another regardless of a properly done bleed. Fortunately they have amazing customer service to replace the bad ones. Avids are good brakes and I have them on my own bike but they really are a headache sometimes. I’m seriously considering switching back to Shimanos just because of their ease of bleeding and quality consistency.

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