Clarks Limited Edition Skeletal Disc Brakes With Matching Lock-On Grips

Clarks Cycle Systems has released a limited edition Skeletal hydraulic disc brake system box-set, including a matching set of lock-on grips (free of charge!) and an extra set of sintered brakes pads. Despite their sexy and expensive appearance, they are super-affordable at about $130 for the pair. They are available through Chain Reaction Cycles.

For pics of the red version with the matching lock-ons and specs, click more…

• Lever Type: Radial style lever, left and Right handed, open style reservoir
• Lever Functionality: Allen key adjustment for both Lever reach and Bite adjustment
• Caliper Type: 2 piston, Single Cast, Zinc alloy caliper
• Fluid Type: DOT 3/4 fluid only
• Mounts: International Standard
• Bracket Bolts: M6x20 allen key bolt, as standard
• Rotors: 160mm rotors in wavey
• Rotor Bolts: Torx style bolt (X6)
• Disc Pads: Sintered pads as standard (Replacement pads VRX815C)
• Colour Option: Red
• Hose: PTFE hoses
• System Weights: System Standard weighs 340 grams
• BS EN Standards: Exceeds compliance requirements, BS EN 14766 certified (Alc.P:118025:0509)
• REAch/CPSIA compliant
• Designed in the United Kingdom, lightweight and powerful braking system


Zomb1e - 11/09/10 - 8:25pm

340 grams is weight of front brake without rotor. Rear brake weights about 380 grams, and rotors themselves are really heavy.

Circes - 11/09/10 - 10:28pm

Sounds like cheap crap. Might as well buy used Avid Juicy 7s for that price.

Ghost Rider - 11/09/10 - 11:35pm

@Circes…well, that’s funny because Dirt Rag gave them a very favorable review in one of their recent print issues.

Does it “sound like cheap crap” because you’ve never heard of Clarks? They’ve been in the disc brake business for a while…but aren’t as well known in the U.S. as some other brands.

Dario - 01/23/12 - 6:17am

I know clarks manifactures a gold version of Skeletal disk brake system, too. any chance of getting it somewhere on the Internet?

miggerspooks - 11/25/12 - 4:18pm

@ghost rider yes they are cheep crap!! Came as standard on my bike. First set I had front piston seced on rear leaking by the lever and by the piston. This is after second ride not impressed!! Got them both replaced free of the warranty. And again the front pission seced the rear hose to short for my frame. Turned right and got socked by DOTT fluid. Now I’ve taken the bike back to the place I bought it from and there putting on some different brakes free of charge. Bargain.

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