Interbike 2010: Beautiful F-1 Tribute Bikes from Intense

Formula 1 is arguably to top level of motor sports racing in the world. With huge budgets for R&D, wind tunnel testing, and engine tuning it is amazing that the results are so close with drivers always on the ragged edge. In many ways you could easily compare the rigors both physically and mentally of F1 to the World Cup Downhill circuit.

What better way to showcase this, and show off some beautiful bikes at the same time, than to create some jaw dropping F1 themed bikes on some equally jaw dropping Intense M9 FRO’s. The M9 FRO, is would now be considered Intense’s F1 level DH racer, which will soon be available to the public after a long season of testing by the Chain Reaction Pro team. The yellow and red M9 was a tribute to the Renault livery, while the green and yellow was a nod to Lotus.

More gratuitous shots of gorgeous DH bikes after the break!


Gregg - 10/15/10 - 6:25am

Drool…Now, if only they’d put those colors on an XC or trail bike…

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jack - 03/05/12 - 12:41am

sick i wont it badly realy badly how much is it worth .

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