Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Says Denver’s Bike Share Programs Are A Conspiracy

Here’s an excerpt from The Huffington Post spouting sum crazy about Colorado’s candidate for Governor, Dan Maes, and why he thinks Denver’s current mayor’s dealings with B:Cycle are the beginning of the end for civil liberties:

Okay, here’s the mystery that Maes alone has penetrated. Denver is a member in something called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. They’ve been a member since 1992. It is an “international association that promotes sustainable development.” One of the things that contributes to sustainability and an overall pleasant quality of life is a bike-sharing program called “B-Cycle” which has taken donations and grant monies to make 400 bicycles available for the residents of Denver to tool around on when the spirit moves them. Hickenlooper has praised the program so Maes is trying to make the case that it’s a UN plot to deprive people of “freedom.”

Thanks to Gary for the tip! Read the full post here.


Shram - 08/05/10 - 12:47pm

what a moron; hello, Gov’r Hickenlooper!

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