Video: Engadget gets Hands-On Time with the Folding Electric YikeBike, Perhaps Under the Influence

Engadget editors recently got a little hands on time with the YikeBike folding electric bicycle.  Although the term ‘bicycle’ should be lightly used here, it’s more like the byproduct of miniature penny farthing getting hot ‘n’ heavy with a Segway, butthat’s what they’re calling it.

We can’t figure where they’re hiding the jet engine that seems to spool up every time they accelerate, but it seems to work…they look pretty quick.  Now that we’re one step closer to the future, let’s just hope they forgive crossing the center lines and veering from the roadway as learning curve and not a DUI.

Want one?  Engadget says there’s “No word on US availability yet, but if you happen to be carrying £2,995 / €3,495 / $4,659 somewhere in Europe, then you’re eligible to pre-order now for a June delivery.”

Check out more on the YikeBike in this post.


PaulCJr - 04/08/10 - 10:53am

Man that looks like a blast to ride. I would be a little concerned riding that here in NYC. The potholes here already would swallow a full size bike. I can easily see myself on the asphalt riding this thing on the streets of NYC. Awesome bike nonetheless.

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