Cannondale Dutchess Prototype Commuter Bicycle Update

A few weeks ago we showed you the Cannondale Dutchess, a prototype ladies commuter bicycle built as a student project.  Details were sparse, but thanks to James at, here are a few tidbits before we put you in his ever capable hands:

  • Handlebars fold to create a lock and adjust hand position.
  • Internal hydraulic hub brakes close and lock the wheels when handlebar is folded.
  • The bike was designed as a corporate design project for Cannondale.
  • It was designed as a graduation project by Wytze van Mansum at the Delft University of Technology.
  • The drivetrain, while not completely detailed, is 96% efficient versus 98% for the standard chain.

You can download a PDF about the bike here, and read Bicycle Design’s interview with van Mansum here.


[…] pulled from his PDF portfolio, but after seeing what he did for Cannondale (The Dutchess commuter, link here) as part of a graduation project, we had to show you some more of his concepts.  Actually, the […]

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