Pic of the Day: 18-Speed Old Lady Hauler


More photos of the bike after the break…



Downtube index shifters control the triple in the front and state of the art (circa 1980) six-speed cassette.


Steering pin is almost perfectly 90º, which should make for extremely sharp, lean-free handling.  Exactly what you want when you’re carrying a load on a smooth metal platform.  Although, I suppose you wouldn’t be going too fast, plus it looks to be built to support a hefty load…hopefully that doesn’t describe your old lady.

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uglyyeti - 11/28/09 - 9:37am

That’s not for hauling old ladies – you’re misreading the sign! That’s for the old lady to haul your cooler and grill to the apres ride festivities.

That’s way sweet. You could get a campfire blazing on that thing for chilly training rides.

I think that’s exactly what Shimano had in mind for dual-control levers – perfect upgrade. Or maybe a Schwinn Stik Shift from a ’71 Manta Ray.

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