Interbike 2009 – Cool Fixie Bicycles From Identiti, Charge and Cinelli


INTERBIKE 2009 – There are so many booths at Interbike that between Daniel and I wandering the floor (and me jumping from appointment to appointment), we only saw about 20% of what we wanted to see…there’s just sooo much cool stuff there.  So, for some booths, I just snapped a few shots and don’t have any real information to share.  Cinelli’s shared booth is one such example.

Shown above are the line of fixed gear bikes Cinelli had on display along with bikes from identiti and Charge.  Hit ‘more’ to see them all…

cinelli-fixie fixed gear single speed bicycle-interbike09-04

cinelli-fixie fixed gear single speed bicycle-interbike09-03

cinelli-fixie fixed gear single speed bicycle-interbike09-02

charge-fixies fixed gear single speed bicycle interbike2009-01

Charge Bikes above, identiti below.

identiti-fixie fixed gear single speed bicycle-interbike09-02

Check out the virtually straight fork with big offset dropouts.


Hza - 10/06/09 - 9:18am

This post just made me change my plans for my next bike. ARGH!!!! Nice and thanks for the wrap up.

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