Conference Bike Makes “Green” Meetings Easy!P


Introducing the Conference Bike, a 400lb, 7-person “party on wheels” that costs $12,750.  It started life as an 8-person bike in 1991, with the driver seated at the front (which actually looked much cooler, pic after the break).  The designer, Eric Stallers, wanted to create something that would make people smile.  I’m smiling…

Features (seriously, we’re not making this up):

  • Porsche front steering for improved stability at high speeds
  • New frame design makes it easy to get on and off (you mean there was a 1st gen model?)
  • Extensive maintenance and operating manual (really?)
  • 2 years written warranty on frame (phew! Now we don’t have to worry about riding it everyday.)

There’s a kitschy movie (totally worth watching!) of people riding the bike after the break, and the website is a design study in classic americana art…


The original model sat eight and came with this “futuristic” suits.  Again, seriously.


Brado - 08/17/09 - 12:36pm

we have a Shop here in Greenville SC that has one for rent! great Fun!

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