ESPN Launches XG3 Line- XGame Inspired Consumer Products

espn_xg3_bmx_matt_hoffmanESPN Consumer Products announced they are launching the XG3 line of performance sports gear. Inspired by the hugely successful X Games franchise. Products will span the three cornerstone action sports of bike, skate, and snow. This reminds me of when Coke tried to enter the  fashion and athletic apparel industry back in 1999. What ever happened to that anyway?

The good news for this launch is that they are starting with a Matt Hoffman supported BMX line. Which makes it a little more legit than Coke’s mystery apparel line. Matt Hoffman is an icon in the world of BMX and has invented over 100 new tricks. He was the first BMX Freestyle rider to successfully complete a 900 and the only one, still, to have executed a No-Handed 900, which occurred during the 2002 X Games. 

Click ‘more’ for Video of Hoffman’s No-Handed 900 and images of the first XG3 products. 

Matt Hoffman at the 2002 X Games




XG3 will debut with an exclusive collection of performance BMX bikes by Hyper and protective gear by Bell at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The highlight of the BMX collection will be the Mat Hoffman X Games 15th Anniversary Limited Edition BMX Bike (Above), which will retail at $259.99 (SRP). Rounding out the collection will be the Park BMX Bike (Below), retailing at $209.99 (SRP); Contact BMX Bike, retailing at $159.99 (SRP); and the Mat Hoffman 15th Anniversary Multi-Sport Helmet retailing at $34.99 (SRP).



Spencer Chowning - 07/27/09 - 11:14pm

The Mat Hoffman bike is one of the best bikes ever . I got one about a month ago and its one the best bikes i have ever! My opinion they are way better than any Haro.

shabram bmx - 11/06/09 - 9:14pm

Im getting mike spinners signature bike next week from

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