Rocket Bike – as sold on eBay

Now you, too, can have your very own rocket bicycle.  Or, more precisely, a pulse-jet powered bicycle that’ll scream up to about 70mph (or as fast as your tires will stay together).  Robert Maddox builds these for sale on eBay. Check this video for some action footage:

Click “More” to see more videos and learn more…like how it’ll do Zero to 50mph in about 7 seconds, how it uses a 100psi fuel pump and makes about 60 lbs of thrust…


And some more action footage:

Please consider this an open invitation to send us any footage of you riding this if you buy one…we’re saving our pennies.  He also makes a 100lb thrust version for the low, low price of $1,200.00


[…] while back, Bob Maddox hit 50mph with a single-engine jet powered bicycle that had to be started with a leaf blower.  This one is a […]

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